Plain River Cemetery and Ives Cemetery

Plain River Cemetery may be the old name for what is now known as Ives Cemetery.  Both are in Gun Plains Township, Michigan (Allegan County), east of Plainwell, Michigan.

Plain River Cemetery

According to Tucker family records, Plain River Cemetery is small and no longer in use as of May 20, 1951.  It is 1/2 mile north of Hill Top Cemetery on Meyers Road - just beyond the first intersection on the west side of Meyers Road.  Hill Top is east of Plainwell at the intersection of State Route 89 and Meyers Road.

As of 2007, there are no records of this cemetery, Meyers Road, or Hill Top Cemetery.  The most likely cemetery to fit these directions is Ives Cemetery (see below). 

A map of the Plainwell area from 1873 shows a small cemetery adjacent to Smith and Harrington lands in what is now known as the Silver Creek area (about 2 miles east of Plainwell, Michigan).  The name of this cemetery is unknown.  Anyone interred there was moved to the Ives Cemetery sometime before 1951.

David Smith(?) HARRINGTON (b. - 1872 Mar 8) g.16

Ives Cemetery

Ives Cemetery is about an acre in size.  It is on the west side of 8th Street, 1 mile north of Hillside Cemetery.  Hillside Cemetery is east of Plainwell at the intersection of Michigan 89 and 8th Street. 

Ives Cemetery is very near the Harrington Centennial Farm where the widow of another Henry Harrington was living in 2007.  Although she is an avid genealogist, she could not find a relationship between her family and the Harrington family in this genealogy.

As of 2007, the tombstone for David Harrington could not be found in Ives Cemetery, although a few tombstones were unreadable.

Sources  Information and photo for these cemeteries as of 2007 was provided by D. & J. M., volunteers for Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness, in Allegan County, Michigan.